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The sky is vast, the ocean is so deep, but beyond all; which needs to be known is our own self, so amazing and so strong. Stop by and feel the powers, its beauty; its inclusiveness and its uniqueness.

In nature where nothing is straight, the undefined lines behold the magical powers of the universe including you. It depicts creativity and unity. It messages “The unlimited powers, which each one of us has to create more and together form the entire universe”.

I believe our limitations cannot constraint us to achieve our own aspirations and dreams, which come to us without knowing our capabilities. And it is not important too; in the passion which drives us, we add to our capability each day to achieve more and more, and reach our dreams. I know the person I am today is all because I followed my dreams; each time making sure that it could be achieved. Nothing limits us, we can do what we want; the will to do will create its way…

Dear students, you can excel in any sphere you wish, irrespective of the challenges you can be the best ……and Dear Facilitators, your role fits here where you can be with your students to make them learn that HOW…The Process of Learning…processing of information, knowledge into useful resources, along with creative applications, helping students discover themselves and build on their capabilities.

Principal Profile

KABITA AGRAWAL, CA, LLB, Masters in Finance & B.Ed
Founder Principal, Mount Litera Zee School Jamshedpur

Quality and Assessment

With 11 years of experience as an Institutional Head of Pearly Gates and 6 years with Mount Litera Jamshedpur. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO, OHSAS, have expertise in Environmental, Health & Safety Management Systems (EHSMS). QCI-NABET Assessor for School Accreditation, have accomplished assessment & reports for NABET Accreditation for around 10 schools in East & North, including Kendriya Vidyalayas. Integrated Internal Auditor for Australian Organization for Quality, undertaken performance drives. Involved in third party assessment for schools in Singapore & Malaysia has contributed to the Excellence in Schools. Has actively lead assessment for Dr. Jamshed J Irani Award for Excellence in Education for the last ten years. Certified Examiner for Quality Management, have accomplished assignments for Corporate and Hospital Industry for IMC R B National Quality Award. CII Trained for Total Quality Management in Education for schools have supported projects of various schools for Quality Improvement Initiatives. Supported as a Team Mentor for Best Practices and got recognition for- Smart Start, Radar Assessment System, Developing Writing Skills and Assured Student Learning. The systems developed emphasizes on going from Good to Great in the field of education.

Workshops and Learning

Conducted Workshops at National and International levels in the following areas:

  • Parents: Conducted workshops for parents of many schools, parents engaged in corporate life, on Cooperative Behaviour, Win-Win Role Plays, Creative Teaching, Connect Values, Positive Rule Framework, Balance Family & Work Life, Be leaders with Good Team Quality at Home & Work, Engaging Smart for Potential Time, etc., in many cities such as Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Raipur, Gauhati, Delhi, Mumbai, Jamshedpur, etc.
  • Students: Developing VAK skills, Enhancing Self, Enrich Your Magic, Self Engagement, Smart Learning, Cooping Emotions, Team Benefits, Goals and Approach, etc.
  • Academicians: Teaching Strategies, Create Ur Class, Positive & Cooperative Learning Environment, Assessment Techniques, Promise delivery, etc. Conducted workshops for many Schools in India and in Singapore for School Leaders, related to “Benchmarking”, “Lesson Planning & Delivery” and “Self Assessment & Improvement Plans”.
  • Undertaken programme in Finland with University of Helsinki, Centre for Continuing Education, to explore the “Finnish Phenomena in Education” and Excelling in School Leadership.
  • Presented Research paper on “Evaluation in the Global Perspective”, at International Conference For Teachers, Kunming University, China.
  • Professionally qualified to train and assess Diploma course candidates of International Montessori Teacher Training Institute.
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming from School of Excellence, contributed in developing case studies for behaviour rectification / improvement through Positive Language Patterns (PLP), very original approach, feature covered in International Magazine of SOE.

A will to learn will create a difference, let’s DO IT!