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Hindi Divas was celebrated by organising Hasya Kavi Sammelan in school. Students and teachers also shared the platform with the poets. All the guest poets recited their creations of different kinds, humorous, contradictory, debating, based on nature, education, values, emotions, etc.

A different and special way to bring parent and child together was seen in this event. Excitement could be seen on the faces of the teams when they were preparing their fireless dishes. Their dishes were judged by the Master Chefs from renowned hotels.

Students learn the best through role plays and this technique is applied across classroom teaching to stories behind celebrations.

“Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy diet. We should have 5 vegetables and 2 fruits in a day”. This was the message given by the pre primary students of our school at the Veggie Feggie day.

Fest Desire is very unique initiative spearheaded by Mount Litera Zee School (MLZS) Jamshedpur. This is the first time in India, an initiative like Fest desire has being organized by a school with an objective to create a bond between the various stakeholders of a school i.e the parents, teachers and the students. The Theme of the Event is CREATE CHANGE CO-CREATE. The objective of the event is to create a catalytic connect among all the stakeholders, to co-create Pride in Relationship and the purpose of the event is to change from I & Me to We Relationship. There were a variety of activities like video Making on “Anti Littering Campaign”, Tee shirt designing on the theme “Life is worth living”, Family Fusion a musical event, innovation Games and Toys making, Reuse & Rejoice Fancy Dress and Creative Learning.

FD - Family together at Tee Splash

FD -Love Earth Save Earth

Parent-Chef Competition

Veggie Feggie Day