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Demonstrating in "Action"

Be Santa- a Source of Joy- we all wish to make someone happy, with the same feel our school invited under privileged children from the neighbourhood. A programme was put up where the invited children were asked to show their talents with the encouragement provided by Mount Literans and they all danced, sang and had a lot of fun.

Under-privileged are engaged on various events and celebrations, programs are designed for their awareness on various concerns, gifts and other activities are aligned to support them and make them feel special.

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in a different and unique way by our students. It is said that sisters tie Rakhis on their brothers wrist as a symbol that their brothers will protect and support them. Our students tied Rakhis to the Truck drivers requesting them that if they drive safe and slow there would be less accidents, they would be safe and protected on the roads.

Mount Literans performed Nukkad Nattak, as a social drive on issues concerning Girl Child at various locations of our city. This is an annual initiative by Literan Team to collaborate and seek solutions on the various issues afflicting society. This is our Shradanjali, to The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, by connecting with the society and creating awareness on social issues.

Students had an enriching experience exploring the traditions of Jharkhand Tribal life and learning to recognize the unique art forms in a close to nature environment which they cherished at Amadubi (Near Dhalbhumgarh).

To create awareness on “Use of Helmet” and “Avoid Over-speeding” amongst the citizens of Jamshedpur a Walkathon was organized. For more collaboration nine other schools in the vicinity were encouraged to participate, and from each school around 100 students, teachers and parents had headed the drive of awareness from their respective schools to an centralized venue, on 22nd of January 2016, where the Pledge Ceremony was held. The Walkathon wrapped by a pledge to “Think Safe, Act Safe and Be Safe”.

Engaging Under-Priveleged in Learning Programs

Nukkad-Nattak-addressing Social Concerns

Recognising Tribal Culture

Supporting Under-priveleged