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Seven years ago when Mount Litera Zee School Jamshedpur was still a kernel in need of rigorous care and nourishment the question was HOW? HOW are we going to establish an institution that will one day become a trademark in educational services? HOW can we ensure that our academic establishment is there to grow and gain a solid reputation? HOW can we assure that our educational institution is worthy of earning and sustaining the entrenched trust of our stakeholders? And above all HOW can we make a difference in society?

As we moved from one challenge to another, as we led our establishment out of the box, the question was no longer HOW? but WHY NOT?

WHY NOT be top choice for parents? WHY NOT be a second home for students? WHY NOT be the right place for professional teachers and administrators? WHY NOT be a reference for the community? WHY NOT be a local school with a global approach to education and sustainability?

Mount Litera Zee School’s history of accomplishments is in itself the answer to the question WHY NOT? As we flash back over the course of the past years, you will realize that M L Z S is a proud producer of global citizens instilled with solid values, citizens who never missed an opportunity to take part in National Celebrations, Community Services, Public Speaking Contests, Scientific events, IT related activities, Cultural events etc.

The ‘Smart Economy’ – a buzz word today has been a reality of everyday life at M L Z S. First came the creation of a whole school IT infrastructure followed by a virtual learning environment with ZEE Content. Exposure though programs like B Box, Digital Library, School Cinema, Sportify Sports Education, 3Di Creativity will continue to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and honest enquiry so that our Mount Lietrans can adapt and thrive in world of rapid change. We have no doubts that the extra and co-curricular activities provided at MLZS gives our students the skills to be innovative, creative, team players ---thinkers who will one day be world leaders. WHY NOT?

Lalita Sareen

Kabita Agrawal

Initiative Director

Principal Director